Please note: We'll be publishing Mount Hope 19 in Fall 2021.

Mount Hope is a twice-yearly literary journal published at Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI. We're looking for literary fiction (up to 5,000 words), poetry (up to 5 poems may be submitted together) and nonfiction essays and memoirs (up to 5,000 words). We welcome aspiring writers and seasoned authors. 

(5/1/21) Poetry submissions is currently closed. Look again in the future, and thanks for your interest in Mount Hope.

(11/7/20) Congratulations to authors Cicily Bennion and Don Lago, whose essays were cited as "Notable Essays of 2019" in Best American Essays 2020. Bennion's "About Boredom" appeared in Mount Hope 17, and Lago's "Life Is An Island" in Mount Hope 16.

(10/30/19) Congratulations to author Kirtan Nautiyal, whose essay "Down The The Marrow of Our Bones" (Mount Hope 14) was cited as a "Notable Essay of 2018" in Best American Essays 2019.

(9/18/18) Congratulations to author Peter Grandbois, whose essay "Passion" (Mount Hope 12) was cited as a "Notable Essay of 2017" in Best American Essays 2018.

Announcement (5/15/18): We are tying our university's annual theme, “Ocean State/State of the Ocean: The challenge of sea level rise" for our Spring 2019 Issue. The topic of "Rising Seas"  seeks essays, fiction, poetry and the like on the more generalized topic of climate change, the environment or nature and how these affect us. This topic can be connected closely or loosely; not all submissions need to be on this topic to be considered, but part of the magazine will be devoted to this.

We publish literary graphic stories and excerpts of graphic novels. Be aware we have a vertical format and the images sent must conform. We typically run 10-12 images with multiple panels per page. See issues of our magazine in ISSUU for examples. We prefer submissions be one entity, such as a PDF booklet. We'll request high-quality images if we choose to publish.

We publish up to 12 images that tell stories about people. See past issues for examples. Please no landscapes, still lives or staged work. We'd prefer your submission be a single entity, such as a pdf booklet or Word file. If we choose to publish, we'll request higher-quality images from you.

Literary nonfiction of up to 5,000 words. Please no academic papers or opinion pieces.

Literary fiction, up to 5,000 words. Please format properly.

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